Monday, August 3, 2020

Kamma H haplogroup clades

Major H haplogroup clades present among Kammas are

Kamma Haplogroups

Checking the 23andme data of 350 results, the major lineages of Kammas spread into H1, L1, R2 and J2

Kamma are majority mix of

H1 25%,
L1-L3 25%,
R2 20%,
J2b2 8%,
J2a 1 -2%,
R1* 5%,
Q 2-5%,
F 2-4%,
R1a-Y6 2-4%,
C 2-4%,
O 2-4%,
G 1-3%,
R1b 1%

Kamma mtdna

The MTDNA of Kammas is as follows

U2a1, U2b2, U2c,
HV, HV9,
H, H13a1a1a, H13a2a,
R0, R5a2, R8a2, R8b, R30a, R31b,
M2a3, M4b1, M6, M5a2a, M30d, M35a1, M49, M40a

Caste relation tree

Caste relation tree

Shows Reddies with Gope and Lingayat, Gowda with Marathas, Rastogies with Kayasthas, Iyengars with Orissa Brahmins, Yadav/Jat with Rajputs


Uttarakhand, UP, Nepal

Stats for UttarKhand, UP, Nepala from

The paternal ancestry of Uttarakhand does not imitate the classical caste system of India.
Negi N1,2, Tamang R3,4,5,6, Pande V2, Sharma A1, Shah A1, Reddy AG1, Vishnupriya S6, Singh L1,7, Chaubey G4, Thangaraj K1.

Shows UP
R1 -> 26.8
H1 -> 22.8
R2 -> 19.2
J -> 11.2

Uttarkhand ->
R1a -> 28
H1 -> 22
J -> 14.9
R2 -> 14.1

Nepal ->
O3 -> 30.3
H1 -> 16.5
R1a -> 21.8
R2 -> 10.6

Shows wide variations